Perfect Pairing: Studs & Shoes

PERFECT PAIR } My two obsessions: Bows & Shoes. I mean... a girl can never have enough of bows & shoes, right?!! Here's my list of my favorite shoes to pair up with our Tiny Bow Studs. These studs were made for everyday wear! I chose these studs in black because I personally wear my black pair almost every single day (unless I switch them out with my gold pair)... I guess that's just the New Yorker in me =D Words to describe our Tiny Bow Studs? Simple, classic, and subtle femininity. (They also make lovely gifts!) ;)

1. Alice & Olivia pumps 2. J. Crew heels 3. Rag & Bone booties 4. Marais flats

Get these studs in a nice selection of colors here: Tiny Bow Studs