Style: Bridal Chic

The bride wore white & silver } Sometimes, keeping it simple is so much more beautiful & chic!! Case in point... I completely fell in love with this gorgeous, fun, and whimsical J. Crew "Victoria" feather-skirt linen dress. And at $895 for a wedding dress?!! What a steal!!

Our Triple Doily Drops in silver glitter and Jimmy Choo's "India" mirrored leather heels in silver are the perfect pairing for this dress. Our Triple Doily Drops pack a stunning statement while framing your face with the classic dress neckline perfectly. The shoes are simple, yet elegant but completes the look beautifully! Ahh... if only I had an excuse to wear this outfit... I would feel like a princess for a day ;)

Not a bride? You can apply these simple rules to another color scheme for the same look and feel! 1. Choose a dress with a similar & simple neckline; 2. Statement earrings that stand out all on it's own, no necklace required (it would be over kill); 3. Simple & strappy heels to complete the look and... voila! =D

1. J. Crew dress 2. Brandy Pham earrings 3. Jimmy Choo shoes