Cosmic Love


Florence + The Machine

I'm completely and utterly IN LOVE with Florence + The Machine. I haven't been inspired by music in a long time and Florence + The Machine has definitely cured me from feeling uninspired. Their music has been on heavy rotation at my office/studio! I'm editing photos, so here is their music video to keep you entertained while I work on my blog posts.

Cosmic Love is one of my favorite songs! Isn't their music video A-MAZING and so beautiful. Such eye candy and visual grammar. I don't know if Florence has a stylist or if she does everything herself, but I would love love love to send her a few things if I could get her contact info =D It would be so awesome to see my pieces on her and one day dress her when I go back to clothing! She's awe-inspiring. I LOVE everything about her - her voice, her beautiful red hair, porcelain skin, and everything she wears!