Dolly Pearl


Dolly Pearl

I've tweeted about Dolly Pearl, I've posted about her on Facebook, but I haven't blogged about her yet and it's about time! I absolutely adore Dolly Pearl and everything about this brand. You can clearly see that there is a unique style of Dolly Pearl - every piece is beautifully elegant, effortless, non-seasonal, and timeless.

What I love about the brand is the designer's aesthetic and attention to detail and the fact that she doesn't follow trends. No matter how ornate or simple her designs are, you can distinctly see the beautiful details. Vi's designs are sweet, delicate, has a touch of old hollywood glamour; and when you see each garment, you know that it's Dolly Pearl. Not to mention, her color palette is simply romantic and gorgeous!

I've had the pleasure of meeting Vi and I fell more in love with Dolly Pearl after meeting the designer. Not only is she beautiful inside and out, she's such a hard worker, and has the determination and passion that inspires everyone who crosses her path. She deserves all the success and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for the Dolly Pearl brand! Keep inspiring us babe! <3

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