New Packaging

Patience is a virtue } We've been working on packaging for a long while now, but wanted everything to be just right for our brand. We've designed, re-designed, colored, re-colored, and debated over and over again... Pouches or boxes, pouches or boxes?!!

Finally... we're absolutely & insanely excited for our new keepsake packaging to arrive!! We chose a Pale Pink with a touch of Gold Foil for our logo. Our goal was to be simply sophisticated, feminine, luxurious and of course CLASSIC. You'll want to collect these boxes for display and storage use. We also paid homage to our love for RIBBONS, which inspired many and countless designs.

Our new packaging is arriving this Spring! We can't wait to get these into the hands of our lovely & wonderful customers!! Each order will come with our new keepsake jewelry box. Thank you so much for all your love and continued support. You guys are the best!! <3

XO, Brandy


Packaging with love

Packaging } I love packaging... especially when it's done with love and you can tell when it is! I've been having fun with my polka dot Japanese Masking Tape lately -- incorporating them into my packaging and even hanging up my calendar and reminders on my wall (which makes it decorative and fun!). NEED to collect more colors and fun patterns =) Oh! It's going to be so fun for the holidays!! Yay!!


Packaging: Hold your jewels!

Hold your jewels! We're working on new packing for your precious jewels and baubles. We received our first samples and love it! Although it's not in the correct colors, we love the light-weight suede fabric. It feels so soft, velvety, and won't snag. The nautical silk rope is used as the draw strings to open and close up the pouch. We're so excited and can't wait for the final product! Every Brandy Pham purchase will come with a jewelry pouch to hold your jewels. Get excited =)