September Issue


Asian Beauty

I love these photographs of Du Juan in the September issue of Nuyou Singapore. She's absolutely gorgeous!! I love her hair and the red lips against her pretty pale skin.

My parent's definition of true Asian beauty was always the pale porcelain skin, jet black hair, and not to change anything that made us uniquely who we are. Back in high school, my dad would have a heart attack every time he came home because he'd find me and my sister dying our hair different colors and experimenting with our look. When I cut my hair short, he made a comment about how he thought my long black hair was more beautiful and that he hated my hair short. My uncle even refused to talk to us when we went through our "blonde hair stage" in 10th/11th grade.

It was hard going through high school because I was one 1 out of 2 Asian girls in my entire graduating class. As I got older, I embraced my own beauty and stopped dying my hair. I learned to appreciate my individuality, even if I'm not up to society's standards or the exact definition of "American Beauty." Someone else will always want what you have, so embrace everything you have and love you for you!

[Via Fashiongonerouge]