Studio: Fall Photoshoot

Instagram-in' } Behind the Scenes at our Fall/Winter 2012 photoshoot. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this photoshoot a fun and successful one! Susie was the sweetest model and our hair and make-up team was amazing! My husband Andy did all our photography and our friend Natalie came by to shoot a fun video! Can't wait to see it all come together. We couldn't be happier! =)

Model } Susie Simpson Hair } Julius Toussaint Make-up } Yohsuke Hiraka All Images/Photography } Brandy Pham Team


Studio: Color Story, SS12 edition

COLOR STORY } Choosing each colorway for each season has got to be one of the most difficult tasks for me as a designer because I want to make everything in every pretty shade!! It's hard to narrow it down to just a few choices and I seem to always get in trouble for picking too much =D Hehehe. It's difficult because I come from a clothing background and it's just in my nature to always want to pair at least 4-6 colors together to make a "complete" story. Isn't it so fun to mix and match when you have options to choose from though?

Being a boutique brand on a "boutique budget", I've slowly learn to pick and choose my battles. Everyday is a learning experience and we get better and better with each collection! I'm slowly learning to edit, edit, and edit the line! As a designer, I want to produce every design and feel that we need everything because I think from an emotional stand point; but as a business person, you have to edit and think... do we really need that? Can we live without it? How much is this going to cost me to make? The business and production side is literally 90% of fashion, and design is only 10%. With this being said, sometimes it can just suck the creativity out of you as a designer, but you just have to keep on pushing your limits and think outside the box. =)

Okay, I'm babbling... Here's our colorway for SS12. White, because we love a good white hot accessory especially for summer! Apricot, because Orange is the color of the year and wanted to incorporate a nice, but warm shade of Orange. I fell in love with this shade of Aqua and how it looked against the Apricot and Denim Blue. I wanted to add a shade of Blue because there just had to be some sort of Blue for Spring and Summer! Last but not least, a pretty shade of Pale Pink because Pink is one of my favorite colors and I'm always in search of the perfect Pink!! This shade was just right, not too young looking, but more sophisticated in a way. It all paired so well together so I couldn't help it... In the end, I truly listened to my gut feeling and followed my heart with this collection and it turned out to be a success! Yay!!!

We have more exciting news to share and more sneak peeks at our new Fall 2012 Collection coming your way so visit us again soon. Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! =)

<3 B


Studio: Instagram-in'

SNAPSHOTS } We love Instagram but we like to keep it private =) Sorry to those who think we've been ignoring their Instagram requests to follow us =D Don't worry, we'll be sharing more of our Instagram photos right here on our blog, facebook, and some tweets here and there! Here are a few snapshots...


Trust the Process: Studio Work

TRUST THE PROCESS } It takes time to design a collection and then to actually create every single style in the collection. Here are before and after photos of our sweet scalloped Doily Stud Earrings. Fresh out from casting (counting them and re-counting them), each piece is clipped off, filed, polished nice and smooth, tumbled clean, and then sent off to get plated. These were 14k Gold Plated over brass. When we get them back from plating, each piece is hand painted with Enamel paint. After they are nice and dry, we pack them up with earring cards and into their individual poly seal bags.

....and Voilà! We pack them and they're on their way to our lovely buyers. Seriously a labor of love =)

There are 6 pretty colors to choose from, which colors are your favorite? You can find them at our new retailers listed here (under NEW!): & also on


Studio Work

We'll be doing a series of before & after photos of what we've been working on in our studio. Designing and creating a collection takes a very long time... Sketching can begin more than 6 months out until it's actually put into work. A piece goes from a sketch, to 3d sketch, wax or metal model, to an actual mold before it's casted, tumbled, polished, plated, and painted! Whew, that was a mouth full =P Stay tuned for more images & have a Happy Friday!!

Image from our Tumblr } Work in the Studio } The moons and the stars... I mean half moons and arrows =) Castings fresh out of plating! We have to wire every single casted piece together to plate and then clip every single piece out from the wires. Very tedious.

Studio Inspiration: Chris Benz

I love everything about Chris Benz. He seems to have such an amazing and bright personality. I feel instantly happy just looking at his work. If you haven't seen his website, it's a MUST! ( His website makes you feel like you're looking right into his sketchbook, or his brain actually of everything he's thinking, designing, etc. Whoever designed his website did a BEAUTIFUL job.

Anywho, the images above are from of CB's Fall 2010 Collection. His flats are so pretty and I love the way he organizes all his work -- the different colorways, grouping off the different fabric groups, and his line-up. Me likey!


Studio Inspiration: Thread Social

I love seeing inside of a designer's studio, so I'm starting a new Category where I post up images I collect of interviews with designer's and their studio space. I love seeing how different people work, the way they organize their work space, how they decorate... you know, all that good stuff.

The photos above were from when they interviewed a small handful of designers during New York Fashion Week last month. I love how the ladies of Thread Social organizes their swatches and fabrics. I'm always looking for new ideas on organization and using space wisely, especially if you live in NYC where space is a luxury. Their sketches + bright and colorful inspiration/vision boards are beautiful!