This is Glamorous

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This is Glamorous } On the eve of my 30th birthday, I woke up to the most gorgeous & loveliest present thanks to the lovely Roseline... an amazing article with the prettiest photos of our collection on  Her website is my most favorite site of all for wonderful articles, inspiration, and dreamy photography. Thank you so much Roseline!! XO.

See post here for more pretty images and to read the article }

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Inspired Beauty

I'm so inspired right now... and this photo of Freja Beha Erichsen by Glen Luchford SPARKED it. The mood that this photo conveys, the romantic feel, the beautiful color combination, the lighting, the way her vulnerable eyes are peaking out from her bangs, and her pale skin with bright red lips... wowsers, I could go on for days! This is EXACTLY the feeling I want for my branding and my packaging. I'm so inspired and have so much work to do!!! =D

I love it when these sparks of inspiration happens! I feel so sky high =) Okay, back to work!! Have a Happy Friday everyone! xo <3