Be Yourself

WORDS TO LIVE BY. I love this quote from Edwin Elliot! We're all unique in our very own special way. Your DNA can't be replicated and there's only one of you in this entire universe, embrace that. When you stay true to who you are, that's when you can truly be happy.


Monday Inspiration

[Via cakewithgiants]

HI EVERYONE. Sorry for the lack of updates. Our computer crashed :( All was lost & we're trying to recover as many files as we can now. On a brighter note: We've been getting GREAT PRESS. I can't wait for all of them to come out in print in the New Year!! We've been getting an amazing response on our Bridal line as well and you'll get to see them within a few weeks.

2010 was a great year! So much as happened in the past year and I've done a lot of growing up. I no longer feel like a little girl, but a lady :) 2011 is going to be an even better year full of many surprises, progress, and success and I can't wait to conquer it all!

I'll leave you with this very pretty and inspiring print design from cakewithgiants. It gets me in the mood for planning our booth interior for our upcoming trade show at Accessories Circuit in January. If you're a buyer or press, stop by and say hello :) We look forward to seeing you there!


Don't Worry

Whether you're like me starting a new business, or studying to get in to grad school... this is a nice reminder =) Everything will eventually come together. Trust the process. Once you make up your mind and work towards what you want, it will all come together in due time. "This is your world! Mold it the way you want, or someone else will."


No One Else But You

I love this quote from Les Brown. Once you realize that you have the power to mold your life exactly how you want it to be, it's an incredible feeling to grasp on to! There's so much you can dream and accomplish. The possibilities are endless. Don't just accept things for the way they are, go out and do something about it! It's up to you and only you... and let me tell ya, hard work really does pay off in the end. I see the light at the end of the tunnel :)


Florence + The Machine

I'm completely and utterly IN LOVE with Florence + The Machine. I haven't been inspired by music in a long time and Florence + The Machine has definitely cured me from feeling uninspired. Their music has been on heavy rotation at my office/studio! I'm editing photos, so here is their music video to keep you entertained while I work on my blog posts.

Cosmic Love is one of my favorite songs! Isn't their music video A-MAZING and so beautiful. Such eye candy and visual grammar. I don't know if Florence has a stylist or if she does everything herself, but I would love love love to send her a few things if I could get her contact info =D It would be so awesome to see my pieces on her and one day dress her when I go back to clothing! She's awe-inspiring. I LOVE everything about her - her voice, her beautiful red hair, porcelain skin, and everything she wears!


Words... to live by

I have a lot of people telling me that they miss seeing my posts on my favorite quotes and words to live by and that's what they loved about coming to by blog. I really need to get back to that don't I?

It's been really busy around here, but I do admit... I need to organize my brain and time more wisely and keep up with my blog too. It will be a good way for me to relax and meditate as well because I do need to handle my stress in a healthier way, rather than downing cups and cups of coffee like it's just water. Which also reminds me... I need to go back to drinking more water. My dad used to get so mad because I literally drank my 8 full glasses of water every single day and he would always have to refill the water more often than he'd like. Hehe.

I'll leave you with this pretty photo from Zack Attack's Flickr.


Happy Friday

I love this photo and quote from merphi. I just stumbled upon this on tumblr and love what I see on her Flickr. Very inspiring indeed. Have a Happy Friday everyone. I will be back to fill you in on all the new and exciting things happening =)


Isn't she lovely?

Audrey Hepburn by Richard Avedon

Happy Friday! Isn't she lovely? Audrey Hepburn is always an inspiration. I just feel like watching her movies all day today on this lovely fall Friday. I know I haven't been updating as much, but there's so many things going on. First off, Happy 4 year Wedding Anniversary to my Husband. =) I think I've known him for about 14 years now... funny how our oldest sisters went to grade school together, but we were just babies and didn't cross paths until we were older. He lived on the same block as me in New Orleans, but then my family moved away to Hawaii and his to California. Funny how things just come together =)

Anywho... Lots of new and exciting news to come. Also, so many new designs in the works that I wish I could share, but in due time! I have new earrings that I'm adding on as well - the ones I already made are so sweet, I can't wait to show you! I'm working on updating the website. We did a whole new photoshoot of current designs and all the new designs. Will keep you posted! Have a wonderful Friday everyone! xx...


Please Be Still

Current inspiration: one of my fav Etsy shops PLEASEBESTILL print by Jen Renninger

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late... lots of things going on (new and exciting things) and I'm still trying to fully wrap my brains around it all! Can't wait to share with everyone what I've been working on... so much more work to put into it so you'll just have to wait and see =)

Hope everyone has a lovely night! Sweet dreams... xx.