Pre-Order: Spring 2013

Pre-Order Now } So the cat's out of the bag... We gave Nylon mag a sneak peek of our Spring 2013 collection & now you can Pre-Order them on our online shop!! Get them before they hit stores! For more details & to shop, click here >> (Limited Time Only!)

In this photo: Meet our "Lela Kitty" Ring! Yes, they're kitty ears adorned w/ Swarovski Crystals & come in pretty pastels! What's not to love?!! ;)


Style: Black & Gold

Sleek edge } Black and gold has to be one of the most sophisticated and classic wardrobe combinations regardless of what season it is. It's so fitting for every occasion! I'm completely in love with this Boy. by Band of Outsiders dress -- the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. I'd love to pair it up with our "Alex" mini cone earrings for a fierce, ladylike with an edge look. And how chic is this DVF dress? It's a modern take on her famous wrap dress with the gold waistband and so DVF! Just add our "Ribbon" cuffs to finish this sophisticated look!

1. Boy. by Band of Outsiders dress 2. Brandy Pham earrings 3. Brandy Pham cuff 4. Diane von Furstenburg dress


Perfect Pairing: Studs & Shoes

PERFECT PAIR } My two obsessions: Bows & Shoes. I mean... a girl can never have enough of bows & shoes, right?!! Here's my list of my favorite shoes to pair up with our Tiny Bow Studs. These studs were made for everyday wear! I chose these studs in black because I personally wear my black pair almost every single day (unless I switch them out with my gold pair)... I guess that's just the New Yorker in me =D Words to describe our Tiny Bow Studs? Simple, classic, and subtle femininity. (They also make lovely gifts!) ;)

1. Alice & Olivia pumps 2. J. Crew heels 3. Rag & Bone booties 4. Marais flats

Get these studs in a nice selection of colors here: Tiny Bow Studs


Currently Coveting: Celine

Currently Coveting } Since we are displaced from our homes in the aftermath of the storm... we haven't been able to get back to normal or work at all. It's very eerie to see half of Manhattan shut down and blacked out. Maybe it's a sign for us workaholics to pause and rest our brains and remember to breathe. But I have to say... I can't wait to get back to normal and start working again. As a small business owner, you tend to live and breathe your business because at the end of the day, you have no one else to rely on but yourself. You're basically a mommy or daddy and your business is your baby. You have to nurture it, care for it, and if you don't... it suffers. It's so sad to see all our neighborhood small businesses shut down and not being able to open. We know the feeling... But New Yorkers are resilient and we'll be back on our feet in no time!!

For now... I guess I'll just drown myself in my sketchbook, fill in my Muji calendar and notebooks with notes and deadlines and dream of these beautiful (and simply perfect) Celine shoes to get my mind off this horrible storm!!!

Image via }


Quote: The goal...

Random quote } I think this was via Pinterest. Thanks @meethaha for forwarding this to me. She always knows what I'll love and I love this...

P.S. Please keep safe fellow East-coasters! Hoping and praying that Hurricane Sandy isn't as bad as it's being projected and that it will be over soon! <3


Style: Black Swan

High fashion chic } I wanted to do a black version of our last style post "bridal chic" (see below). Our "bridal chic" post was so popular, that I had to do a non-bridal version! =) There's a perfect little black dress for everyone -- every body type, every style, and every age. This one is one of my favorites of the moment! This dress by Milly is the perfect black version of J. Crew's dress from our post below. I love the simple, yet elegant bodice with a combination of the high fashion feather skirt. The waistband cinches your waist in and all you need are classic black pumps!

Usually, I would go for a collar necklace with this neckline, but with stunner statement drops like our Triple Doily Drops in black, you don't need anything on your neck. I found the perfectly sleek gold clutch to go with this outfit by Serpui Marie. The gold plating from our Triple Doily Drops are a nice accent to the gold clutch. With this outfit, you'll be classic and high fashion chic!! ;)

1. Milly dress 2. Brandy Pham earrings 3. Serpui Marie clutch


Style: Bridal Chic

The bride wore white & silver } Sometimes, keeping it simple is so much more beautiful & chic!! Case in point... I completely fell in love with this gorgeous, fun, and whimsical J. Crew "Victoria" feather-skirt linen dress. And at $895 for a wedding dress?!! What a steal!!

Our Triple Doily Drops in silver glitter and Jimmy Choo's "India" mirrored leather heels in silver are the perfect pairing for this dress. Our Triple Doily Drops pack a stunning statement while framing your face with the classic dress neckline perfectly. The shoes are simple, yet elegant but completes the look beautifully! Ahh... if only I had an excuse to wear this outfit... I would feel like a princess for a day ;)

Not a bride? You can apply these simple rules to another color scheme for the same look and feel! 1. Choose a dress with a similar & simple neckline; 2. Statement earrings that stand out all on it's own, no necklace required (it would be over kill); 3. Simple & strappy heels to complete the look and... voila! =D

1. J. Crew dress 2. Brandy Pham earrings 3. Jimmy Choo shoes


Inspiration: Be genuine

Be genuine }Juley forwarded me this feature and interview of Jihan Zencirli (Geronimo! Ballons) on The Every Girl, and I can't thank her enough for this inspiration! I mean... how can you not fall in love with Jihan Zencirli and of course The Every Girl! Juley has been encouraging me to read The Every Girl for a while now and it has become my daily read! There's so many AH-MAZING features on inspirational women such as Jihan that every girl should be reading. I love her quote above so I just had to post it =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Happy Monday and have a lovely day!!

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Style: Everything is Illuminated

GOLDEN } The perfectly festive and chic outfit this fall and holiday season! Play up your gold tones and neutrals with a comfy neutral sweater, a beautiful shimmer pencil skirt and finish up your look with a pair of statement button earrings like our oversized Doily Stud earrings in gold glitter, an arm full of golden bangles like our Maddy Scallop Bangles, and a sparkly pair of sequin heels! As you can tell... the holidays makes me very happy =) Happy Friday and stay tuned for more and regular style posts!! ;)

1. J. Crew sweater 2. Brandy Pham earrings, or these 3. Just Cavalli skirt 4. Brandy Pham bangles, or these 5. Oscar de la Renta shoes


Summertime Sadness

#NP } Currently listening to Summertime Sadness by Lana del Ray and boy do we miss summer!! This summer has been so amazing... the best summer we've had in New York City thus far and we look forward to many more! What were your favorite summertime memories? Ours: our first time going to the Hamptons, spending a week there, turning off everything and shutting off everything to relax and re-group. It was amazing... need to do that more often to re-energize! Have a Happy Thursday loves!


Video: BTS Spring 13 Photoshoot

WATCH } Check out the behind the scenes of our Spring 2013 Photoshooton a lovely New York day! This time lapse video was recorded and created on our iPhone.

Thanks so much to our super fun & easy going model Ally, Hoa, Choey, Yohsuke & my husband Andy. You guys were AMAZING!! It was such a beautiful day and a bit windy, that's why we got a clip of the sky when the iPhone fell back =D What a happy accident! Sneak peeks coming soon!


Instagram: Follow us!

Hello October! } We honestly can't believe it's already October. Pumpkins and Halloween decor is all over the place... not to mention haunted houses have been open since the last week of September. I always feel like the year just flies by right before your eyes around this time of year. Holiday after holiday, and before you even know it... BOOM! It's NYE and you're ringing in the New Year! Eeeekkkkkk!!! 2012... slow down a bit, will ya?!! =D

This will be a super duper busy month but we'll try to keep you posted on all the happenings. For daily updates, follow us on Instagram @brandypham >> do it!! You know you want to ;) Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday so far. We're high on caffeine and currently listening to Cher Lloyd } Sticks & Stones album. Favorite song on the album } With UR Love <3 Cheers!


Color Story: Emerald

Color Story } One of our collection colors this fall is Emerald. A bright, and beautiful shade of green, Emerald is always a Fall/Winter favorite to brighten up our fall and winter ensembles, specially for the holidays! It's just a no brainer. I'm currently coveting this gorgeous Joie "Arnie" sweater in this amazing shade of green... or what we like to call Emerald =D

Some of my favorite Emerald pieces I'll be wearing on repeat this season are the Doily Drops and the Mini Ribbon Bar Necklace(these styles have also proven to be a FAN FAV, yay!). These pieces in Emerald makes me so happy!! ;)

Have a happy & beautiful Monday loves XO


Packaging with love

Packaging } I love packaging... especially when it's done with love and you can tell when it is! I've been having fun with my polka dot Japanese Masking Tape lately -- incorporating them into my packaging and even hanging up my calendar and reminders on my wall (which makes it decorative and fun!). NEED to collect more colors and fun patterns =) Oh! It's going to be so fun for the holidays!! Yay!!


Quote of the day

Quote of the day } Happy Friday & Happy #NYFW loves! We hope you had a super fun #FNO last night as well.

We're starting a series of Brandy quotes =) How fun is this? "When in doubt, put a bow on it." Share it & Pin it on Pinterest! Have a wonderful Friday and awesome weekend... now back to work... market week is coming up. Ekkk! =D