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  • Live. Love.

    LOVE. I want this to hang in my studio! This lovely and inspirational letterpress print is by Heartfish Press. It's so pretty! I love the color combo and the way the letterpress looks. Check out their amazing work on their website or their etsy shop. This print is definitely on my wishlist! =)

    [via www.heartfishpress.com]

  • Please Be Still

    Current inspiration: one of my fav Etsy shops PLEASEBESTILL print by Jen Renninger

    Sorry for the lack of posts as of late... lots of things going on (new and exciting things) and I'm still trying to fully wrap my brains around it all! Can't wait to share with everyone what I've been working on... so much more work to put into it so you'll just have to wait and see =)

    Hope everyone has a lovely night! Sweet dreams... xx.

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